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"Thank you for sharing human design with me! I experimented with it a lot and ended up doing a reader course this year. I feel like that interest lead to so many other interests and just really changed so many things in my life. Thank you times infinity for being the spark I needed in life to wake up and try things a little different!"


"WOW- such a great experience! Sarah has so much knowledge and geniusly wove it all together into a beautiful story. I felt seen, empowered, energized and hopeful about my future. I loved that she did so much research ahead of time and brought in tarot and human design. Totally blown away."


"My reading was incredibly informative. Sarah touched on every aspect that I had questions about and really gave me some great guidance! Sarah was very straight forward and explained everything in a way that truly resonated with me. She was extremely courteous and her delivery was not only fun and exciting but I feel like she was able to capture some real truths for me. This was such a neat reading for me and it really inspired me to keep moving forward with my new business and to relax on trying to hunt down my soulmate."


"Absolutely amazing reading combining human design and astrology like no other coach I’ve worked with. Sarah is intuitive and spit on with her skills and knowledge. If you are looking for answers hire Sarah."


"I have had readings in the past but having the Human Design reading with Sarah is one of the best I have ever had. I highly recommend having this reading."


"I was extremely impressed with the Natal Astrology & Human Design reading Sarah provided. The reading was a revealing of who I am, thus giving me deeper insight. I find myself reading it often and each time I learn attributes to develop and things to leave behind."


"I was feeling kind of lost before this, but you've reinforced this idea that I need to put myself first and believe in my skills. THANK YOU for that!"


"Sarah was fantastic. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to get a reading done. She easily explained my chart. That was easy to understand compared to my previous astrology experience reading I’ve had before."


"My overall experience with Sarah has been not only pleasant but also insightful. From the moment our session began, what truly set her apart was her utilization of advanced astrological tools, providing a comprehensive and detailed explanation of my personal forecast. This depth of insight allowed me to gain a richer understanding of the influences at play in my life. She’s got the gift!"


"Sarah was just wonderful! Not only did she educate me on my zodiac chart and human design, but she was also honest and warm, comforting me with great advice to get through the rough patches and live up to my true potential. I was astonished to learn how on point my experiences and the chart were in sync."


"Sarah delivered the information with remarkable accuracy! I felt truly seen and heard throughout the session. Her advice on what to focus on and how to enhance self-awareness was excellent."


"I loved my experience with Sarah! She was detailed and structured. I believe that we naturally flowed into the reading. I learned a lot about certain aspects and the transits. She touched on my career which is what i wanted to focus on. 10/10."

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