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Your Potenti

with Astrology & Human Design

Personalized guidance featuring

a unique blend of Traditional Western Astrology, Human Design and the Tarot. 

✔︎ Navigate life's challenges with ease & clarity

✔︎ Discover your true purpose & path to success

✔︎ Make confident decisions & attract opportunities

Sarah Hartshorne

Human Design Coach & Astrologer

"Human Design and Astrology have helped me cultivate and deepen my self-awareness, self-acceptance, and even more importantly, self-love. It's guided me back to my authentic self and freed me from what wasn't me.

And now I want to share this life-changing gift with you."

Sarah Hartshorne, My Cosmic Coach


  • Have a specific question? Get Comprehensive Guidance Aligned with Your...

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    1 hr 15 min

    120 US dollars
  • Your User Manual For Life: What you need to know to thrive & succeed!

    Read More

    45 min

    95 US dollars
  • The Landscape of Your Life: Who are you and where are you headed?

    Read More

    45 min

    95 US dollars
  • Happy Birthday! A look into the year ahead.

    Read More

    30 min

    75 US dollars

"Thank you for sharing human design with me! I experimented with it a lot and ended up doing a reader course this year. I feel like that interest lead to so many other interests and just really changed so many things in my life. Thank you times infinity for being the spark I needed in life to wake up and try things a little different!"


"Her ability to read transits in real time is astonishing. She has great talent, no doubt. Beyond her skills, she’s also an amazing individual, and I felt an instant connection with her. It’s safe to say I’ll be a returning client."


"WOW- such a great experience! Sarah has so much knowledge and genuinely wove it all together into a beautiful story. I felt seen, empowered, energized and hopeful about my future. I loved that she did so much research ahead of time and brought in tarot and human design. Totally blown away."


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