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Your Potential

with Human Design

Discover your true purpose,

learn how you're wired to make confident decisions,

attract opportunities, and achieve success.

It's your straight-forward and practical

user guide to YOU.

Sarah Hartshorne

Human Design Coach & Astrologer

"Human Design has helped me cultivate and deepen my self-awareness, self-acceptance, and even more importantly, self-love. It's guided me back to my authentic self and freed me from what wasn't me.

And now I want to share this life-changing gift with you."

Sarah Hartshorne


  • Have a specific question? Get Comprehensive Guidance Aligned with Your...

    1 hr 15 min

    125 US dollars
  • Unlock Your Potential: Learn How to Thrive & Succeed with Ease!

    45 min

    85 US dollars
  • Never had an astrology reading? Start here!

    45 min

    95 US dollars
  • Happy Birthday! A look into the year ahead.

    45 min

    115 US dollars


"I have had readings in the past but having  the Human Design reading with Sarah is one of the best I have ever had.

I highly recommend having this reading."

Barbara B.

"I was extremely impressed with the Natal Astrology & Human Design reading Sarah provided. The reading was a revealing of who I am, thus giving me deeper insight. I find myself reading it often and each time I learn attributes to develop and things to leave behind."

Colleen F.

"I was feeling kind of lost before this, but you've reinforced this idea that I need to put myself first and believe in my skills. THANK YOU for that!"

Ruby L.

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